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I have been involved with scooters for over 50 years, including my time at Kegra, road riding, sprinting, record breaking and racing. 

Over the last few years I have been involved in scooter endurance races in Europe. It is a completely different style of event compared to the short sprint style races we normally have here in the UK. I couldn't understand why we didn't have this type of event here in the UK so I set about finding out if we could make it happen - after all, scooter endurance events had occurred in the UK in the past but it was well over twenty years ago. A challenge was set and the British Scooter Endurance Club (BSEC) was formed!

For the first BSEC event we went to Teeside Karting Track in Middlesbrough and completed a six hour endurance event. We kept it as simple as possible to make it accessible to anyone willing to give it a go. To compete in our club events you do not need to hold a race licence or own a race scooter. This opened the door for road based scooter riders to have a go on road legal scooters. In fact, the road class coupled with the club class was the biggest group at Teeside - a good indication of the different riders we were enticing.

It was a brilliant event that sparked a lot of interest with further events planned for the future.

I encourage everyone to come and see what the buzz is all about!

See you there!




To break the mould of a 'normal' race start, as normally seen at most race meetings in the UK, BSEC use a 'Le Mans' style start. This involves two members from each team - one to hold the scooter whilst the rider sprints across the track to the bike when the start flag is dropped in order to ride off.


The most important thing for the team is to still be out there and running at the finish. This involves team work, reliability, strategies, tactics and a good tea maker! How the different teams get to the finish line and where they finish in their class is all dependent on how the whole team and bike performs! This includes a hell of a lot of fun!


All of our events are covered by live timing so if you can't make it, a link will be found on here and the Facebook page.



PRO RACE: Any full body style scooter - this can include race and road scooters. Class open to all riders.


RACE: Scooters prepared for racing. Most will have no lights and not be road legal. They may will be tuned and fitted with uprated suspension and brakes. Only one race licence holder per team held over the last five years.

Class open to all riders.

ROAD: Anybody with a licence can take part with a road legal scooter. The scooter must be up to normal MOT standards and have lights fitted. This class is open to riders of all levels.

No ACU licence holders within the last five years.

CLUB: Road legal scooters same as in road class however, no riders in the team to have held a road race licence. 

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